Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reflection on July 10--By Rebecca Retondo

Breakfast today was a classic pancake with a new twist. Instead of syrup, we had sweet condensed milk that was boiled. Today was the day Mother Ivonne came to receive the donations we brought for Hogar. I didn’t realize how many clothes, toiletries, shoes and crafts were brought! Mother was going through suitcase after suitcase and it seemed to never end. What a blessing. Then, the greatest part of the day came, playtime with the kids. As all of us walked to the park where they were playing, children ran up to us with huge hugs and glowing smiles. Immediately we all made connections with the kids. It touched all of our hearts how open they were to love. Some of us sat and talked with the children while others were on the jungle gym and doing cartwheels. Around 1 o’clock, all the children gathered around the television to watch Germany VS Uruguay in the soccer finals. Soccer is the kids’ favorite and they watched every single game. Even Mother Ivonne gets excited about it! Our day with the kids ended at Vespers. The children’s voices when they sing give us chills, it’s so beautiful. We are looking forward till tomorrow when we will have Divine Liturgy followed by the closing soccer game. All the children are rooting for Spain, of course.

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