Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15--Yvonne

Today turned out to be the most memorable day since our team arrived at the Hogar. I woke early, had a few minutes to reflect on the beautiful setting as I walked to the comedor for breakfast. I knew I was early, but appreciated the chance to view the children as they arrived for breakfast. First were the toddler boys and their nannies. These tiny kids went straight to the stacked chairs, and each put his own chair in its place next to the table. The nannies brought each his breakfast. After breakfast, everyone attended Matins and then our team , San Marcos attended our first arts and craft session. I had to coax the team into lining up for a group photo and when they got to their crafts, they were enthused and also very involved. Some made only one craft, some as many as three. It was a rewarding and relaxing activity for all. Our next three stations were Game room, bakery and then pool or gym. Paula was in charge of the pool and I took care of the smaller children in the park area. I was impressed by the athletic skills of many of the younger children, and their sportsmanship. The kids were such a treat. They had fun and brought love to us with their smiles and their laughter. My most immediate and lasting observation is how self sufficient each child is, and also what a wonderful support team they are for each other. After lunch the kids had fun with soap bubbles. Luis is not on our team, but he was in our group today. We bonded and he fell asleep on my lap while the other children played. That evening we were invited by Erica and the teenage girls to watch a movie. That was also very rewarding. For me, it was a very rewarding day.

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