Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 19--Gina Mercado

7-19-2010 Monday 10:06pm

Today is the day before we are going to leave the Hogar. It is all coming to an end so quickly. I can’t believe 2 weeks is coming to an end. Funny thing is though I feel like I have been here for a month. It’s all been so timeless not to mention priceless.

All of us girls went to bed so late last night, giggling up a storm. Making puppet theaters and just having a really amazing time laughing up a storm. First time in 11 days that I stayed up so late with the final realization of how noisy it actually is or has been without my earplugs. I didn’t even realize that there was a night club right outside our door, silly me. So not much sleep occurred, maybe a few hours, so excited for our big adventure to Antigua.

Well after the few hours sleep I had I woke up ready for a beautiful l fun filled day, and so it was. It began with a lovely oatmeal breakfast followed by church service. Thank You God!

All the missionaries gathered together after church. We grabbed all our things and met at the Hogar mobile. Time for takeoff with our awesome guide Jorge. It was partly rainy and a bit chilly but no one seemed to care. Off to Antigua we went. It took about an hour to get there. Over the mountains and through the woods off to Antigua we go.

The first place we stopped at was the jade factory… Interesting. We had a tour and saw how jade was made. Now I know that jade does not only come from China, like most things. Afterwards we walked around the park, saw different scenes, absorbed the beauty for about 45 minutes, then moved on to the rustic Italian restaurant. Molto Buene!

Time for dessert but Instead of having dessert at the restaurant Padre had a special Ice cream shop to take us to. He was so excited when the bill came because for about 14 people is was only about 22 dollars (only in Antigua baby)! After the ice cream we were totally stuffed. Ummmm!

Next destination… the private market. It was pretty fun bargaining for about an hour and a half. We all bought great item s and gifts and were able to spend quality time together. What a nice way to end the week. I did miss spending time with the kids today though but enjoyed being with my missionary friends.

Last destination… the swiss chocolate factory, ummm yum yum! What a fun filled day this has been. Everyone is so beautiful and I have learned so much from each and everyone. I have seen myself in each and everyone and I thank all of them for helping me grow and being who they are. I love you all… Paula, Steven, Deacon Mark, Padre Jaun, Chrissy, Amandaeve, Larissa, Yvonne, Katerina, and Rebecca. May God Bless you all always, God Bless us all. Thank you God!

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